RealEstateEquityFund.com & RealEstateDebtFund.com are marketplace aggregators  of real estate crowdfunding portals conducting equity syndication’s on & offline.

We provide intelligence  to accredited investors, sponsors and portals in the real estate crowdfunding sector.

Real Estate Crowdfunding solutions for portals, sponsors and investors. Real Estate is already crowdfunding’s most competitive vertical sure to grow in 2017 and beyond


Do you have an offline private equity fund that you want to take online? Are you an existing real estate crowdfunding portal that wants to get listed  on Real Estate Equity Fund?

RealEstateEquityFund.com & RealEstateDebtFund.com are creating a one stop marketplace where accredited investors could see all the online real estate crowdfunding opportunities, where developers and sponsors can get there offerings exposed to investors and where crowdfunding service providers can leverage the real estate crowdfunding niche.  It is anticipated that real estate will be one of the verticals that will be most utilized in online fundraising.

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