Raise Capital


Compliant Fundraising

Legal: Real Estate Crowdfunding, Syndications &  Private Equity Funds can have complex and costly legal requirements. Have a 40 year securities expert-on your team to help create, draft, execute and comply with all regulations.


List and Promote

Marketing: What if you can borrow the best practices of the big real estate crowdfunding platforms in generating and acquiring investors. Have a top real estate marketing expert with decades of experience in the most cost effective marketing campaigns.  

Capital Access

Access to Capital

By having seasoned Legal & Marketing experts on your real estate crowdfunding, syndication or private equity fund team you will have a direct executable route access to acquiring capital via a growing network of highly engaged investors. Building your own network of investors where you can control the cost of capital.

Offline vs Online Funding

Are you a real estate sponsor, operator or developer considering crowdfunding? Did you know most real estate crowdfunding platforms are not producing results? Do you know the one’s that are still leverage institutional investment behind the scenes. Is your deal flow right to go direct to institutional sources like Real Estate Investment Banks, Broker-Dealers, Registered Investment Advisers & Family Offices ? Do you need your own crowdfunding Portal ? Do you know how to drive traffic to it ?

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